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The Bigs: Purgatory Oaths Book #3 (Judge Stone)

The Bigs: Purgatory Oaths Book #3 (Judge Stone)

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udge Isaac Hobart Stone made a deal with the spirit world half a century ago. He thought it was a small deal, a good deal, something he could live with. But he was starting to regret the sacrifices it required of him.

Then on Halloween 1926 in Detroit, when the world of the spirits and the world of the living start to cross over, he realizes he may have agreed to a lot more than he bargained for.

Torn between his love for his wife Martha and his duty to do what is right, Stone quickly discovers he has to balance some terrible choices—choices that will affect not just him and his loved ones but could change the world's fate and, more importantly, the future of all the human souls that hope for an afterlife.

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