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Old World



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776 Pages - Profusely Illustrated - Hubbard Brothers

Revisit the era that celebrated a century of American independence with the definitive reprint of J.S. Ingram's 'History of the Centennial from Inception to Final Closing Ceremonies.' First published in the wake of the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, this seminal work has been meticulously restored to capture the grandeur and innovation that marked America's first world's fair.

This comprehensive account offers readers a detailed exploration of the Centennial Exposition's principal structures, from the iconic Main Building to the groundbreaking Machinery Hall. Discover the international contributions that adorned the landscape through meticulously designed foreign pavilions, and immerse yourself in the exhibits that showcased the wealth of resources and ingenuity from nations across the globe.

The book goes beyond mere architectural and material achievements to delve into the social and cultural milestones of the time, such as the remarkable work presented in the Woman's Pavilion—a testament to the growing women's suffrage movement. Learn about the state-of-the-art mineralogical, archaeological, and geological collections from various states, and be astonished by the intricate timepieces in the Swiss Watch Department.

Witness the Centennial Live Stock Exhibition, an unprecedented event that highlighted America's agricultural advancements. Relive the pomp and circumstance of memorial parades, state anniversaries, and the order-specific celebrations that graced the event. Finally, gain insights into the award ceremonies that honored both American and foreign exhibitors, a momentous occasion that illustrated the best of human achievement, skill, and innovation of the 19th century.

Whether you are a historian, a student of American culture, or simply interested in the societal progress encapsulated by world fairs, this reprint serves as an invaluable resource and a treasured keepsake for generations to come.

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