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Frequency 99

Noah Kayne: Southern Style Book #1 (Noah Kayne Thrillers)

Noah Kayne: Southern Style Book #1 (Noah Kayne Thrillers)

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As an unlicensed private investigator, I've encountered my fair share of twisted cases, but when my partner, Wade Clay, and I are approached by a local mob boss, our lives take a dangerous turn.

Our mission? Expose a mole infiltrating the mobster's empire. But beneath the seemingly peaceful exterior of the Everglades lies surprising dangers. Deep secrets come to light, and nothing is as it seems. We find ourselves caught in a web of deception, where trust becomes a luxury we can't afford.

The mysteries we unravel reveal a cunning adversary who will stop at nothing to protect their hidden agenda. As the stakes rise, Wade and I must rely on our instincts, resourcefulness, and unwavering determination to stay alive.

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