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PREORDER - The Genesis Habitation Zone by David Edward, PHD - SIGNED!!

PREORDER - The Genesis Habitation Zone by David Edward, PHD - SIGNED!!

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Releasing May 15, 2024

NOTE: This is a preoder. Signed books will ship the last week of May. You save $10 off the retail price by preordering.

Genesis Habitation Zone, which unveils an astonishing revelation at the crossroads of science and scripture: the cosmic architecture, recently charted by Harvard astrophysicists led by Dr. Catherine Zucker, and the opening of the Biblical Genesis narrative, are in profound agreement, not discord.

This book challenges and transforms our cosmic perception and the perceived divide between science and faith, revealing the harmony that exists in the vast expanse recently uncovered by science. It posits our celestial home, as mapped by these leading Harvard scientists, as the true 'genesis' alluded to in Biblical texts, inviting readers on a journey of discovery that bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern understanding.

This book beautifully merges science and spirituality, creating a balanced organization of knowledge and belief. It highlights the harmony between scientific discoveries and spiritual insights, ending past conflicts in a surprisingly elegant fashion.

Author Rev. David Edward, Ph.D., host of the nationally syndicated radio show Entry Level Christianity and Provost at the Institute of Advanced Christian Research, is celebrated for his unique blend of practical academic and deep theological insights. An accomplished author of more than 50 books, a former university president, and a retired military special agent, his literary works explore the intersection of faith, science, and history, making intricate subjects accessible and engaging to a wide audience.

  • Genesis Habitation Zone
  • Frequency99 Publications
  • Releasing May 15, 2024
  • 267 Pages

Genesis Habitation Zone is more than a book; it's an invitation to see the cosmos and our place within it through a lens that magnifies wonder, unity, and the boundless dialogue between science and faith.

Embark on a cosmic voyage where the ancient scriptures of Genesis unfold not as a myth of universal origins, but as a celestial saga etched into the fabric of our local cosmos.

'The Genesis Habitation Zone' dares to reframe the biblical narrative of Genesis, revealing it as a cosmic epic rooted in the heart of our galactic neighborhood. Drawing upon the stunning 2022 revelation by Harvard astrophysicists, this book aligns faith and science such that they coalesce God’s creation with mankind’s scientific curiosity, unveiling a story of creation that resonates with the rhythm of the stars themselves. Venture into a narrative that bridges divine wisdom with the cosmic dance of creation, suggesting a cosmos more intricately connected and beautifully orchestrated than we ever dared to imagine.

Back Cover and Inside Flap: "In the pages of 'The Genesis Habitation Zone,' the familiar verses of Genesis are reimagined—not as the grand narrative of the universe's inception but as an intimate portrait of the celestial cradle we call home. This book invites readers on an intellectual odyssey to the very heart of our cosmic locality, a region of space now known to be a bastion of creation, harmoniously aligning with the biblical account of our origins.

With each chapter, 'The Genesis Habitation Zone' peels back the layers of cosmic mystery, merging the latest astrophysical discoveries with ancient scriptural wisdom. This journey challenges the boundaries between the known and the unknown, the sacred and the scientific, proposing that Genesis's true message is not a universal creation myth but a precise, localized genesis that mirrors our understanding of cosmic evolution.

Prepare to be captivated by a narrative that transcends time, bringing ancient texts into conversation with the stars above. 'The Genesis Habitation Zone' is more than a book; it's a celestial compass that points to a profound truth hidden in plain sight: that within the verses of Genesis lies a cosmic tale of our own corner of the universe, sculpted by divine forces and scientific laws alike.

This exploration does not seek to provide all the answers but to invite inquiry, wonder, and a deeper connection with the cosmos. Through 'The Genesis Habitation Zone,' embark on a journey that redefines our place in creation, inviting you to view the story not as a distant myth, but as a living, breathing reality written in the stars.

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